An Author Who Hates Feedback

I just had a series of DM on Twitter with a writer. He was blaming the industry for his dozens of rejections. Quoting:

I did the usual hundred or so pitches to Lit Agents. No big publisher will even talk to anyone adding to the slush pool, you need an agent. I had all sorts of requests for more info and it was really hard work. I ended up with a finished trilogy and a lot of nice words, but no agent. So I looked at self publishing and the real facts and figures. Most self published book sell about 200-300 copies. Amazon know this, but don’t care as they make money from the sheer volume going through self publishing. In reality I know good writers who’ve lost money on a 1,000 sellers, once they’ve got their fancy cover and a run over by a decent editor. So once [my book] was on the net and getting 300,000 downloads, a few small press guys turn up 🙂 Give us your book for no money up front and a tiny royalty they said. And BTW you’ll need to remove everything from the web and vanish, because we spend zilch on promo…. you can see why so many authors hate publishers. Of course there are guys like the author of The Martian who gave it away for free and it got picked up by a mega publisher…. film…. yadayada. So my goal is to give it away free and keep those readers coming back. I hope that eventually one of my books will move to LA, marry Brad Pitt and do well 🙂

Me: Can I offer some feedback based on a cursory read of Chapter 1? I work with two different groups of over 20 authors each, and have heard some common observations that might help. If you aren’t interested, I understand. Unsolicited advice is seldom welcome.
It’s all subjective Dandelion. On one side you have Cormac McCarthy and The Road. No names, let alone any empathy or characterisation. He broke so many rules that it was a joke…. yet sold millions. On the other side we have The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Oh dear a huge waffle of a book that doesn’t even get to meet Dracula at page 600. Most rules would have edited it down to an action packed 300 pages, but again….. sold millions…. film right. There is no genuine good advice, only personal prejudices. The public like all sorts of stuff, so we need all sorts of writers. One day, that book is going to marry Brad and move to LA…. and now I must get something done today.
Me: My primary observation is there are so many grammatical errors that it distracts from the read. Secondarily, the language is repetitive. It’s particularly egregious in the last paragraph when you nearly copied the phrase “feel of his hot dick” twice in two consecutive sentences.
Are you about twelve?
Twitter: You can no longer DM this user.
I guess he doesn’t care what readers think.

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